Leonard Williams, We Know What Happened To Your Hookah Parts

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Jets defensive lineman Leonard Williams recently ordered some parts for his hookah, but he never got them. Leonard, the cops have your hookah stuff.

We know this because a reader, Greg, exited his house to find the contents of a package meant for Williams strewn about his driveway. The package, sent from Mob Hookah in San Diego, Calif., was supposed to be delivered to the New York Jets’ team facility in Florham Park, N.J. Instead, it somehow ended up in front of Greg’s house, located in Morristown, N.J.


Even stranger is the fact that the package had already been opened when Greg found it, and the contents tossed about. Given recent events concerning suspicious packages in the New York and New Jersey area, Greg understandably called the police. The cops determined that there was nothing threatening among the package’s contents, but took the items with them anyway.

So, Leonard Williams, if you want to get your hookah stuff, you should probably reach out to the Morristown police department.