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Now we know why they have a full stable of 20 horses for the Kentucky Derby tomorrow; O.J. Simpson is hanging around at Churchill Downs, and they want to make sure there are enough horses alive to still hold a race.

OJ. is picking winners (Lawyer Ron; "Man, I love lawyers, so I'm gonna bet Lawyer Ron. If his name was Lawyer Johnnie I'd bet my house on him.") and comparing the parties in Kentucky to those in Miami.

"You got better parties here than you do in Miami at the MTV Awards," he said. "It's the No. 1 event of the year. The hip-hop/movie/horse culture is all here."

We're going to try to avoid any "search for the real killers" joke here, except to say that race officials should tighten security if a horse breaks a leg and is forced to be put down, lest O.J. show up, drooling, eager to "help out in any way I can."

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