Life, Surfing, and Eric Byrnes

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Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Eric Byrnes may have thought he was being more or less inconspicuous while watching the Maverick's Surf Contest just south of San Francisco on Tuesday, but hey, our spies are everywhere these days, even at the beach in February. Byrnes, an avid surfer who has a home near the contest site in the California coastal town of Half Moon Bay, was on hand to watch South African Grant Baker win the competition at Pillar Point, a former top-secret area which is now Northern California's most famed big-wave surf break.

Some of the world's biggest names in surfing took on swells that reached up to 50 feet in height. But one of the most interesting sights of the day, according to our man, involved Byrnes.

Byrnes was with a group of people watching from a boat. These waves are huge and dangerous, but all of a suddden there's this 12-year-old kid out there on a surf board, just hanging out a little beyond the break. He's not in danger, but if he paddles in a few feet he will be. So Byrnes and these guys start yelling for the kid to paddle into the break. They're saying "Come on! Go for it!" I couldn't believe it.


It appears that the kid had enough sense not to try it. And blabbing to us about this is one thing, but I hope no one told the kid's mom. Or this woman, for that matter.

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