Little Badass Sends Autographed Jersey To J.J. Watt

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Last night, Texans defensive end and destroyer of worlds J.J. Watt tweeted out the picture above. It's a letter and a signed jersey that he received from a seven-year-old kid named Anthony Tarantelli, who just may be the most confident pee-wee football player on the planet.

The letter reads:

Dear J.J.

"I am 7 years old. My name is Anthony Tarantelli and I am your biggest fan. People call me J.J. because I also play DE and TE like you. I wear number 99 like you too. I was the most feared rusher in my league this year. I am sending you my autographed game jersey so you will know me when I am a famous NFL player.

99 rocks! Your friend Anthony.

I never thought that a kid who was seven could ever credibly be described as "the most feared rusher" in his football league, but I'm not about to question young Anthony's credentials. He could probably beat me up.