Live From SBXL:So Close, So Far, So What?

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Deadspin s own A.J. Daulerio has been in Detroit all week, trying to find things to do. He files this report; check out all his reports right here. His final entry will come later this evening.

So, it came and went, and I'm, thankfully, still alive and didn't break any expensive equipment. The Pittsburgh Steelers, on the backs of their 40 million fans in Detroit this weekend, won that boring-ass Super Bowl yesterday. I'd hoped that some kind soul aware of my situation would possibly get me a ticket, but that's wishful thinking. I mean, I got a football-shaped salami and was invited to many of the parties downtown. I got to sit next to Tom Arnold, and I got a chance to almost lose a rental car. An actual ticket to the game would've been pushing it, or, even worse, come close to actual real journalism. Everybody knows that wasn't the point of this endeavor.

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In downtown Detroit yesterday, it was a decidedly more controlled atmosphere than it was from the beginning of the week. Woodward Avenue - the road that leads directly to downtown Detroit off of I-75 - was closed off to vehicles at least a mile from the stadium.

I had to park at Wayne State University, which still charged $20. Walking downtown from this point of view, you can really see the "other" Detroit - the one of the burned out buildings and dilapidated housing projects that have been hidden from viewpoint the most of this week.


Outside of Hockeytown, Chelio s Bar, it was all black and gold. People were standing in line outside of Hockeytown for up to three hours just to get a seat inside. There were easily 50 Steelers fans to every Seahawk fan, and Steelers fans were decidedly more drunk and uppity. But, I m pretty sure if I were trapped in a Super Bowl city with my hometown playing with no tickets, I d probably be drunk as well. It was amazing, still , how many people were actually outside trying to buy tickets. Is this not a mugger s paradise? You can pretty much guarantee that everyone looking for extra tickets is carrying at least $3,000 on their person - as one Seahawks fan admitted he had.


And if you don t get the tickets, then what do you do with all of that money for the rest of the day? Hopefully, they found a safe deposit box before midnight and escaped downtown before all of the homeless shelters emptied out. It was probably like Dawn of the Dead in Detroit come midnight, once all of these people cooped up for a week were finally released.


As you inched closer to the Ford Field area, it felt like you were walking further and further away from it. Every area a half mile away from the stadium was gated off. Those people who had tickets were corralled into the stadium area at a very leisurely pace. There was only one person visibly throwing up outside of a bar at around 3 p.m. and, sadly, no fights.


It was a very collegial attitude, even when some brave Seahawks fans would attempt to break into the Steeler s pep rallies - which were seemingly everywhere. If Seahawks fans taunted them, most of the time they were either greeted with gentle shoulder taps or guffaws. "Oh, that s cute!" was the overriding attitude of Steelers fans faced with Seattle trash talk. And Seattle fans knew this was unfamiliar territory for them. It s hard to taunt somebody while you re wearing pacific blue as your primary color.

But congratulations to the city of Detroit for a fantastic job hosting the Super Bowl. There were plenty of opportunities to blow this thing, and the city held its ground throughout a very hectic week. It was nice to see many locals walking around the city that they ve lived in close proximity to their whole lives, but were always afraid to enter. And there were only two murders! That s a pretty healthy number considering the amount of extra people they had to look after. But they should really invest in something along the lines of a mass transit system if they want to do this again. That sissy little People Mover just won t cut it.