Look Out Below, NHL

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This, above, is the dopily named "Operation Slapshot" — it's the flowchart New Jersey authorities have used to describe the connections involved in the Rick Tocchet charges — and it's about to turn everything in the NHL upside down.

It's not just hoping that Tocchet's mob name was "The Rick." It could bust the lid off rumblings of gambling that have been simmering under the surface of the league for years. SI.com has an excellent rundown of what's at stake here, and it's not just Wayne Gretzky's apparent confusion that his wife was allegedly making bets with his friend and assistant coach. The NHL is saying it's disturbed but points out that no one was gambling on hockey. But, if you've watched "The Sopranos," you know all about RICO statutes, and the doors that can be opened once an investigation starts. And it's going to be extremely difficult to shut them.


The NHL is about to get itself rocked. It has been a difficult year-and-a-half for the league, and it's gonna get worse. Bruise Brother, indeed.

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