Boxer and serial woman-beater Floyd Mayweather appeared before the Nevada State Athletic Commission today to answer questions about a brutal sparring session that Mayweather facilitated on a recent episode of his Showtime reality series. Mayweather defended himself against the commission's questions by claiming that everything on his show is fake.

The sparring session that the commission took issue with featured boxers Donovan Cameron and Hasim Rahman Jr. fighting for 31 uninterrupted minutes while members of Mayweather's gym stood by and gambled on the action. On Mayweather's show, this fight was presented as a gladiatorial "fight to the death."

Since Mayweather is now a licensed promoter in Las Vegas, the commission wasn't to happy to see him running what was essentially a fight club in his gym. So Floyd did the only thing he could in order to avoid a penalty and told them it was all an act:

Remember, everything you see on TV is a lie.