Madison Bumgarner To Alex Guerrero: "You're Not That Fucking Good, Man"

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Last night’s game between the Dodgers and Giants was all about a pair of strong pitching performances from Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner, and it also featured Bumgarner briefly turning into a Hard Baseball Man during the seventh inning.

The moment above, in which Bumgarner mouths “You’re not that fucking good, man. You’re not that fucking good,” to Dodgers third baseman Alex Guerrero is kind of hard to explain. Guerrero wasn’t showboating his way through a home-run trot, but running out a weak pop up that had elicited a frustrated little spin from him at the plate. If you watch the video, it sure doesn’t look like Guerrero is trying to do anything other than express frustration with himself.


Madison Bumgarner should try to remember that a little chill never hurt anyone.