Nervous Chevy Exec Boasts Of 'Technology And Stuff' To World Series MVP

Ever been on TV before? I have. It's terrifying. That's why I feel genuine sympathy for nervous Chevrolet sales executive Rikk Wilde, tasked last night with presenting Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner with the World Series MVP award and a shiny new Colorado.

Hang in there, Rikk. On the plus side, the truck looks really nice there.

Full video below from Deadspin.

Madison Bumgarner's World Series MVP Presentation Got Super Awkward

Chevrolet executive Rikk Wilde was tasked with awarding Madison Bumgarner the World Series MVP award, and it was a struggle. "It combines class-winning and -leading, um, you know technology and stuff," Rikk says breathlessly of the truck being awarded to Bumgarner. Poor Rikk and his notecards made Bud Selig look like Cary Grant up there.