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So we've been sitting around here, trying to get ourselves fired up for the Winter Olympics. It's not that we don't like watching curling and skeleton; it's just that we don't understand what those things are.

We've been figuring that we need something to add some interactivity to the experience of watching the Games, and, fortunately, some Deadspin readers have come up with something that we all can help with. Using the 'ole Wiki format, they proudly present the Olympic Drinking Games. The idea is to come up with different excuses to drink during certain Olympic events. The list is pretty barren so far, but hey, this is why this is fun: You can be a part. Just go to the page, login using the password "deadspin" and contribute. Come up with your own entries, add to existing ones or just play along. By the time the events actually start, hopefully you'll have yourself a little drinking scorecard.

Because we need something to juice this up. So to speak.

Olympic Drinking Games Wiki