Thousands of fans are screaming for a Mariano Rivera bobblehead

After retiring this year, Mariano Rivera will become a baseball legend. Which is why 18,000 fans are now at the New York Yankees' stadium eager to get their free Rivera bobblehead. But tragedy! There are no bobble heads in sight. Come on New York, it's time to start rioting.

Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Night Is A Fiasco [Updates]

It is Mariano Rivera bobblehead giveaway night, and the Yankees do not have any Mariano Rivera bobbleheads to give away.

On one of the most anticipated promotions of the year, the Yankees have apparently not received their shipment of bobbleheads. There was confusion outside the stadium earlier this evening, as the team initially planned to keep the gates closed until the bobbleheads were on site, but as game time inches closer the Yankees have decided instead to distribute vouchers t0 the first 18,000 fans through the doors.

The great Bronx Bobblehead Clusterfuck, as it happened:

Update, 8:20 p.m.: A Yankees spokesperson gave an explanation for why the bobbleheads were late arriving, and yes, they were 3,000 miles away as late as yesterday.

On Monday, on the trek from Seattle to New Jersey, there was a train issue in Chicago that disrupted the first leg of the journey for the 18,000 little Marianos. Still, the Yankees were hopeful the figurines would show up on time. On Tuesday, a truck that was scheduled to make the final delivery to the Bronx suffered a hydraulic problem, causing a further delay and forcing the Yankees to make a decision.

In the third inning, the Yankees announced they would start handing out the bobbleheads in the stadium. More lines.

A video of the chaos, sent to us by Anthony:

And quite possibly the worst insult: