This may not be news to you, but Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli, who is the funnest, is back in England after being bought by Premier League side Liverpool from AC Milan. Since he'll ostensibly be sticking around for a little while, at least, he needs somewhere to live. This is the house he's rumored to have bought.

It's called Steppingstone, because it's big and dope and expensive enough to have a name. Built into a hill in the English countryside, Balotelli's alleged new spot has a helipad, wine cellar, dangerously narrow indoor swimming pool complete with a maybe useless slide, and a gaming room, and an indoor hardwood soccer field, and an outdoor, grass soccer field large and perfect enough for millionaires to engage in small-sided games, and probably one or more bedrooms. There also appears to be lots of natural light.


Word on the street is he scooped the Chester, England crib for about £4.75 million, or about $7.8 million.

Here are some more photos of Steppingstone, courtesy of Babb:


I have three roommates.