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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Mario Williams: Fast, Not That Furious

Illustration for article titled Mario Williams: Fast, Not That Furious

Last night, The Fanhouse posted a video that appeared to show Texans defensive tackle Mario Williams racing his lamborghini down a highway extremely fast. It didn't take long for whoever posted the video to subsequently take it down, but 850 The Buzz grabbed some video stills and provided a rundown of the video.

It sure looks and sounds like Mario Williams, and not too many people have that burnt orange ride made so famous this past weekend at the NC State Red & White game. Stick with the video, about half way through the camera switches to "chase view", you'll see the Lambo dart off the screen speeding past traffic. I'm sure the Texans would really love to see this video. The car-cam footage could be spliced from some other race, who knows, but if this video is all the way legit...oh boy, there could be some trouble. Should be interesting to see whether or not this gets picked up by the NFL conduct policy obsessed mainstream outlets.


We figure the video is probably gone from the Internets for good, and it probably wasn't a good idea to post it in the first place. But we suppose if Vince Young can have the cover of Madden 08, Mario Williams can shoot for Gran Turismo.

Mario Williams Racing His Ride Down I-40? [850: The Buzz]
Video Of Mario Williams Racing His Lamborghini [The Fanhouse]


(UPDATE: The Big Lead now has the video.)

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