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One of the more hilarious things to come out of the DeAndre Jordan Hostage Crisis of 2015 was the work of always-wrong ESPN doofus/bigot Chris Broussard, a grossly stupid man and bad reporter.

While Jordan was hiding out in his Houston home with his Clippers teammates, Chris Broussard was working his “sources”:


Things got crazy last night, but the idea that Cuban would a) not know where DeAndre Jordan lives and b) be driving around Houston like a maniac for no good reason was too good to be true, especially given Broussard’s track record as a shoddy reporter.

We reached out to Cuban this morning via Cyberdust, his messaging app of choice (yes, really), to ask him for comment on Broussard’s tweets. He responded:

Driving around Houston? That’s ridiculous. I was in my hotel all day yesterday.

Not one minute later, Cuban had this to say to Broussard:


Where are the ethics, Chris Broussard?

Update: Broussard fires back!


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