Mark Cuban Would Like To Remind You Who, In Fact, He Is

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If you're one of those people who believes anything the New York Post's Page Six says anymore, it sounds like Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had quite an interesting evening in New York recently.

According to the notoriously billionaire-stalking paper, Cuban was refused entry to famed NYC nightclub Bungalow 8, even after he started waving around $1,000 to secure him a table.


But that's not the best part of the story. After Cuban was finally convinced he wasn't getting in, he and his "crew" headed to a place called Pink Elephant, where Cuban really found his groove.

Cuban was spotted chatting up several young women at his table. As he asked one hanger-on to round up some girls, he was overheard saying, "Just say I'm a billionaire. They'll come over." He also cracked, "For every billion dollars I have, my dick gets 10 inches longer."


According to Forbes, Cuban is worth $1.8 billion, which, according to our calculations, should put him at about 21 inches, which is impressive, yes, though an unusually painful surgery from which to recover.

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