Mark Cuban's Choice Of Bucket Boys

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There isn't much out there that's funnier than an NBA owner essentially calling out a Hall of Fame coach as, essentially, his bitch. But when you add in that he called him out on his blog, well ... heaven ... we're in heaven ...

Mark Cuban, yesterday afternoon, taking time out from lamenting Bubble's flop, on his blog:

I own Phil Jackson. Not literally of course. That thrill belongs to the smartest businesswoman in professional sports, Jeannie Buss. Figuratively however, the coach formerly known as the Zen Master must now be considered my bucket boy.


Now. We always enjoyed Jackson's past feuds with people like Jeff Van Gundy and Pat Riley, but mainly because they all seemed to be from the same old-guard coaching frat. But a Cuban-Jackson feud is too delicious to digest; it's kind of has a Dennis the Menace and his neighbor Mr. Wilson quality to it, if Dennis were an overpumped Internet dweeb and Mr. Wilson had occasional acid flashbacks.

Jackson responded to Cuban last night by saying he was "easy to tweak," which is a phrase that amuses us on several levels. We just love that Phil Jackson could have his life affected by a flame war. It's a new coaching world these days, isn't it Phil?


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