Matt Forte, Chicago TV Host Argue Over Luncheon

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Running back Matt Forte’s in the last season of his contract with the Bears, and he’s hoping for an extension. So far, he’s only missed the team’s voluntary minicamp and an awards luncheon, and while he claims he won’t hold out further to get job security, some in Chicago were miffed that Forte would miss that luncheon.

The Piccolo Awards are named after the late Bears running back Brian Piccolo, who broke barriers by rooming with a black teammate—Gale Sayers—in 1969. (Piccolo was the inspiration for Brian’s Song.) Forte won a Piccolo Award this year, but didn’t attend Tuesday’s ceremony. CSN Chicago’s David Kaplan brought up the absence while interviewing Forte Thursday, and the two argued about it. Anyway, as you watch this, remember that the issue here is a luncheon:


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