Matt Leinart, Buzzsaw Savior No. 231

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See that look? That's the look of a man who just realized that not only did he cost himself millions by chasing coeds for a year, he's about to become the flag carrier for The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals. We know that look. We see that look every year.

Leinart will tell anyone who's listening that he's excited for a fresh start in Arizona. But you know, and we know, there was a point, probably around pick No. 5, when Leinart looked up from some cleavage and said, "Oh. Crap. Buzzsaw."

"I'm so happy to be out of L.A., you do not even understand it," said Leinart, a native of Orange County. "I've dealt with everything you possibly can in that city. I love it there. But I'm definitely ready. It's time to move on."


We know that we should be excited, that the guy we think is the best quarterback in the draft for a couple of years now, is heading toward the Buzzsaw. And we want to believe. But once the initial euphoria receded, muscle memory kicked in. Timm Rosenbach. J.J. Arrington. Jake ... oh, Jake Plummer, how you made us believe! We have been degraded and humiliated for so long that excitement is always tempered by brutal experience.


So welcome, Matt. Welcome to the land of draft position watching at Week 8, one-quarter filled stadiums, all home games blacked out, people continually calling you "St. Louis" or "Phoenix." This is the life you now live. Heisman Trophy? Half the Alpha Phis? Pshaw. Turning around the Buzzsaw? Now that's an accomplishment. Your eyes tell us you suspect what you're in for.


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