In reaction to one Argentine man christening his son "Messi Varela," Mundo Deportivo reports that the city of Rosario has decided to nip any potential trend in the bud by passing a law that prohibits use of the name "Messi" as a first name.

The stated rationale appears to be that using a family name as a first name will cause confusion, especially in the town where Messis come from. You wouldn't want one of Lionel Messi's little cousins going to class having to call some other little boy Messi. Not that Héctor Varela is regretting his choice. From MD: "Varela said he was proud of being 'the first Argentine to put your baby to name the best player in the world'."

Really though, the new law is probably meant to protect their claim as home of the one true Messi. Think of this as Rosario's testament to Leo's greatness: instead of retiring his number, they've retired his name.

[Mundo Deportivo]

h/t Barcastuff