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We were caught up in Super Bowl madness last week, so we didn't get around to this, but we'd like to formally congratulate Sports Illustrated's Steve Rushin on his selection as 2005 Sportswriter Of The Year.

Rushin's columns are famous for finding the delectable hilarity of the similarity of the word "Johannesburger" to the world "Roethlisberger." Rushin has single-handedly brought back the pun to American sportswriting, and for that, uh ... well thanks, we guess.


Rushin also proves that the best way to win a national sportswriter of the year award is never actually have an opinion, but be a big fan of jokes about Viagra and sand traps. Steve Rushin: America's youngest Borscht Belt comic. Congrats!

Honestly, we'll never understand awards. Maybe we'll understand them when we're 80. It's like the voters were saying, "We give it to Rick Reilly all the time ... let's thing young, hip ... hmm ... young ... hip ... RUSHIN!"

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