Memphis And Ole Miss Brawl After Late Hit; Kicker Only One Ejected

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Ole Miss handled Memphis 24-3 last night, but things got a little heated last night when Ole Miss kicked off early in the first quarter following a touchdown drive.

Memphis's Joe Craig got tripped up early, but got up and kept running after the play was dead. He broke one tackle, then stumbled straight into the arms of Keith Lewis, who body-slammed Craig.

Memphis, understandably, wasn't here for that bullshit, and the two sides got to scrapping. Benches cleared and punches were thrown. In the end, only Ole Miss kicker Gary Wunderlich got kicked out. Sadly, Wunderlich (being a kicker) didn't actually throw any punches, but caught the punishment for another teammate's transgressions. It's better, however, to pretend like Wunderlich was out there throwing haymakers, so let's just do that.