A priceless photo of a shirtless Mike Napoli smoking a butt and roaming the streets of Boston surfaced Saturday night, but how did he get to that state? Here's a crude timeline, starting after the Red Sox championship parade ended.

While Napoli was at McGreevy's on Boylston St., he still had his shirt on. In fact, he even wore a coat at one point, as evidenced by these first (blurry) photos.

In the afternoon, Napoli started bartending at McGreevy's. Mike Napoli is a man of the people.

H/t to hugesunglasses

Later in the night, Napoli surfaced at Daisy Buchanan's on Newbury St. It's a four-minute walk from McGreevy's, according to Google Maps. Somewhere along the way, Napoli lost his shirt.

Someone should probably get Napoli a gallon jug of water today. Meanwhile, let's check on fellow champion Shane Victorino.

Shane Victorino went grocery shopping in sandals.

If you saw any Red Sox players having a grand old time, let us know.

Update: Here's some video of shirtless Napoli lumbering around.

Top photo: @StephenJThomps