NFL Coach Cuts Players, Immediately Unfollows Them on Twitter

Let it be known that when Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin cuts you from his team, he will also cut you from his life. Or at least, from his Twitter feed. In a cruel bit of salt-on-wound business, Tomlin unfollowed the players that didn't make the team's most recent round of cuts.

Deadspin's got more details below. In the meantime, just know that Mike Tomlin doesn't talk about being capable of unfollowing you. He is WILLING to unfollow you.

Mike Tomlin Unfollowed Cut Steelers Players On Twitter

This is pretty much the perfect 21st century NFL story, pairing the coldly impersonal nature of personnel moves with the vapidity of social media relationships. After the Steelers made their final roster cuts, head coach Mike Tomlin promptly unfollowed them on Twitter.

It's no big loss. Tomlin, who joined Twitter in July, might be the least essential follow in a galaxy of boring, platitude-spouting, unengaged athletes using the service.

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