"MNF" Gets 33 Percent More Bald

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It was made official last night what had been rumored for weeks now: "Pardon The Interruption" host (and occasional "columnist") Tony Kornheiser will join the booth for "Monday Night Football" next year. We congratulate him; it's a big step up from being the inspiration for a failed sitcom to taking over in the "MNF" booth, even if it means having to spend an abundance of time hanging out with Joe Theismann.

We're of two minds on this move, actually. First off, Kornheiser's ascent from scribbling quipster to multimedia ESPN "personality" is precisely the type of thing we're always lamenting; the eroding of interesting viewpoints for the sake of having the opportunity to scream on television. Yet ... we'll confess that we like Kornheiser. He's a little bit of a loose cannon for ESPN — something which will almost certainly come up at some point this year — and we've always found him a funny writer. We're not sure exactly what he's going to bring to the broadcast — he seems like a type of broadcast tweener, not enough Dennis Miller to be a jokester but not enough Dan Fouts to be an analyst either — but if they're going to change everything around anyway, might as well give him a shot.


As long as Jason Alexander isn't allowed to get anywhere near the booth.

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(By the way, we found it incredibly strange that in the ESPN story, Al Michaels — who has only worked for the ABC family of networks for 20-plus years — only gets a cursory "oh, yeah, by the way, he's leaving too" mention. Makes one wonder just how sad everyone over there is to see him out the door.)