Montana Honors His Corporate Obligations

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So we were watching "Cold Pizza" this morning, waiting for Dana Jacobson to wave or wink or something, when Super Bowl legend Joe Montana and his wacky shirt showed up and started talking about high blood pressure. We thought this was a moment where he would discuss how scary playing in the Super Bowl is, how you have to be calm and make the right decisions.

But no. Montana was talking about actual high blood pressure, which he apparently has. More specifically, he was discussing Lotrel, a high blood pressure drug that Montana, not surprisingly, has an endorsement deal. At no point was this deal mentioned; the host (not Dana) just said, "How did you deal with the pressure of the Super Bowl?" and Montana said, essentially, "Lotrel!"


We know that the only reason anyone goes to the Super Bowl is to promote something ... but along with that ridiculous FedEx ad, is Montana, like, hurting for money right now or something?

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