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Suns forwards Marcus and Markieff Morris have been under investigation for an alleged assault committed outside of a Phoenix rec center for the past three months. Despite steadily leaking information about the case to the media, nobody was charged in connection with the incident, until now. Today ESPN reports that the Morris twins and three other men—including Gerald Bowman, a USC safety hoping to be drafted next week—have been charged by the Maricopa County DA with felony aggravated assault.

The five are accused of confronting and beating 36-year-old Erik Hood. Hood alleges that one of the men accosted him while another hit him from behind, whereafter all five proceeded to beat him while he was on the ground. The reason for the alleged beating? Via ESPN:

Hood told detectives that he has known the Morris brothers since they were in high school and that he mentored the brothers through college. The Morris twins denied to police that they were involved in the assault and that they knew Hood.

Police say that Hood was assaulted for sending “an inappropriate text message” to the mother of the Morris brothers some time before the incident.


Hood was treated at a hospital for a broken nose, as well as other bumps and bruises.


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