MSNBC Joins Club Leather

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We've always kind of suspected that Keith Olbermann is a Deadspin reader, and now we have proof. Because of men like Olbermann, the immortal line "You're with me, leather" shall never die. Of course it was back on April 11 when we brought you the story of ESPN alpha-anchor Chris Berman, who allegedly used that line to pick up a girl in a Scottsdale, Ariz. bar, according to eyewitnesses. The first to pick up on our story and use "You're with me, leather," on the airwaves was Tony Kornheiser, on his radio show, two days later.

And now the host of Countdown With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC has joined the club. No love lost between Keith and certain factions at ESPN, of course; we're kind of surprised it took him this long. But we're impressed and humbled nonetheless. The reference popped out during the Oddball segment of Wednesday's show, in which Olbermann was reporting on an annual medieval festival in the Czech Republic, the 14th annual Festival of the Battle of Negusan. Here's the transcript:

Each year the residents of this tiny Bohemian hamlet reenact the plucky villagers defeating the evil knights who tried to overrun the town. Mmmm, Bohemian omelet ... Of course, it's a fictional battle; these people aren't really reenacting, they're acting. Then again who am I to get into a semantics argument with a guy carrying an iron war hammer and a tunic made out of animals he killed with his own teeth? You're with me, leather!


As you can see, Keith really wanted to use the line. Who will use it next? Well, we'd be surprised if Fox's Bill O'Reilly hasn't already used it during private phone conversations. And it would absolutely level us to hear Hardball's Chris Matthews say it. New Presidential Press Secreatary Tony Snow? Bring it on.

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(UPDATE: By the way, video of the segment can be found right here.)