My Ambassador Of Kwan

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I'm not a figure skating expert - when I think about 'Kwan' in sports, I think Rod Tidwell - but I can't help but feel that the situation that Michelle Kwan finds herself in is a little bit unfortunate.

After being handed a spot on the Olympic team by virtue of a medical exemption, Michelle Kwan is now considering giving up her spot all together. She had a practice where she was falling down like Bob Huggins after a party at Frank Solich's house. She said she wasn't feeling well after spending four hours standing in the cold last night.

Kwan is a nine-time U.S. champion, a five-time world champion, and a two-time Olympic medalist. She's like the Brett Favre of figure skating, except cuter and more Asian. I think she deserves every opportunity to see if she can get her body and mind right to make another go.


She has until the 19th to make an official decision, and if she decides not to go, Emily Hughes would jump into her spot; a spot that she might just deserve anyway. Best of luck to whoever does end up donning the sequins for the red, white, and blue.

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