NBA TV Asks Couple "When's The Wedding?" Dude Responds: "Ohhh, Shit"

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This is such a weird interview. In a segment featuring a couple selected as "Fans Of The Week" before the Heat-Pacers game last night, the NBA TV crew began razzing Jake Moran and questioning why his lady friend, Georgia, was with him. Georgia stood by Jake and so Greg Anthony cut right to the chase and asked the couple—who are not engaged, or maybe just had a surprise engagement ruined—"when's the wedding?" Jake responded like anyone put on the spot like that would have: "Ohhh, shit."

It's clear he said "Oh, shit." Pump up the volume, you'll hear it. Jake pretty hilariously covers his mouth when he realizes what he's done, setting off a chain reaction. Chris Webber starts jumping around the set cackling like an insane person. Ernie Johnson feels deep, dark shame. The rest of the crew on set also begins cracking up. Greg Anthony says "hold up I gotta take this call from the FCC." (Even though they'd only be calling to say "what's up, Greg Anthony?" since they don't deal with cable channels.) Yucks all around for everyone except the poor couple.


At least they got free tickets to the game for their trouble.

Update: So Jake is the dude from last March who wouldn't share ice cream.

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