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New Mexico To Peddle His Wares Somewhere Outside NFL

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In a collective shrug that probably surprised Marcus "New Mexico" Vick and no one else, the Virginia Tech quarterback/gun-brandishing Happy Meal-orderer went undrafted in seven rounds yesterday. Some say it might have been his lack of arm strength, some say it might have been a lack of experience and some say it might have been, you know, his tendencies to shove guns in the faces of teenagers. Could be that.

Vick, however, is undaunted.

"I'm gonna show you in the future," he said. "The teams that don't pick me, I'm gonna get the chance to play you, and you are going to be sitting up in the box saying, 'Damn, we should have considered him. We should have taken him.' "


Considering the teams that didn't pick New Mexico include "all of them," we assume he's talking about Arena Football. Oh, and we mean Arena Football 2.

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