New York Islanders Decline To Say If Jack Capuano Lives In Garth Snow's Basement

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The disappointing Islanders have lost six of their last seven and currently hold an underwhelming 5-8-3 record. Head coach Jack Capuano is on the hot seat, and depending on who you believe, the heat around his job status might be rising through the vents and warming up team president Garth Snow’s house.

On Tuesday’s episode of Boomer & Carton, cohost Craig Carton had some Islanders gossip to share:

CARTON: I got a little story for ya. Guess where Capuano lives, Jerry Recco.

RECCO: Where does he live?

CARTON: Turn that off for a second. Just real quick. Jack Capuano, is that his name?

RECCO: Yes, I would say somewhere on Long Island.

CARTON: Jack Capuano lives somewhere on Long Island, that’s correct. You know where he lives?

RECCO: Ronkonkoma.

CARTON: No. He lives in Garth Snow’s basement.

RECCO: Excuse me?


Supposedly, the same Islanders fan that posted the clip confirmed Carton’s story with “people,” but did clarify the nature of Capuano’s dwelling:


(This isn’t the first time this has come up: tweets dating back to 2013 have mentioned the rumor that Capuano’s living in Snow’s place.)

As Carton and Jerry Recco discussed (Boomer Esiason, whose daughter Sydney is dating former Islanders player Matt Martin and therefore might know things, stayed quiet), Snow might have a tougher time firing someone who occupies space on his property. In fact, Snow essentially gave Capuano a vote of confidence to TSN this morning, calling him an “excellent coach.”

When asked, completely seriously, if Capuano did indeed reside in Snow’s basement or on his property, a spokesperson for the Islanders declined to comment to Deadspin. The same spokesperson did confirm, however, that Capuano lived on Long Island.

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