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Night Fever, Night Fever ...

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Anyone who tells you that baseball players looked goofier in the '70s than they do now is forgetting out ridiculous the soul patch is going to look in 15 years. (Seriously, what is it with pitchers and soul patch? Is that some bizarre superstition that supposed to keep your sinker down? Anyway.)

That said, we did find this collection of baseball players from the '70s incredibly enjoyable, not just for Mike Schmidt's inexplicable perm, but also our man Ozzie Smith, from back in his Padres days, looking like his Afro is going to run screaming away from his head if it is not somehow contained.


Our favorite picture, though, might be of Don Zimmer. In the '70s, he looked, of course, exactly like he does now. He looked that way from birth, you know.

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