Nordic Combined On My Mind

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I watched about all of the Nordic Combined this afternoon. It's an odd little event. Everyone does a ski jump first, and the farther you jump, the more of a headstart you get in the cross country skiing portion of the event. Seems a little contrived, doesn't it? Why not also combine shuffleboard with a spelling bee, and give the winner a medal?

But I'm not here to judge. Once every four years, I can get behind a little Nordic Combined. German Georg (not pronounced George, but rather GAY-org) Hettich took the gold, Felix Gottwald of Austria the silver, and Magnus Moan (also Norway's most popular adult film star) took home the bronze. The above picture is the margin of victory between the bronze winner and the 4th-place guy, Peter Tande, also of Norway.

Blogging about the Olympics is going to be a strange thing. I could tell you that the United States won a gold earlier today in the 5000m speed skating, but you might want to watch that tonight on NBC. I'm not sure how to handle that, and it doesn't look like NBC has much interest in showing live events. Incidentally, I'm already sick of Jim Lampley.


Also, in women's hockey action, the 6-0 thrashing the American women put on the Swiss team pales in comparison to the 16-0 assault that Canada handed to Italy. That's just not right. Shots on goal: Canada 66, Italy 5. One particularly unlucky Italian lady was a -8 for the day.