Vine is great. The Deadspin staff spends a good chunk of every work day sharing and laughing at Vines, and earlier today I asked everyone to share their favorite Vine of all time with me. These are the responses I got.

Cookie Dog:

"At no point during this Vine will you pause and not laugh." - Samer Kalaf

Surfboard Strippers:

"This is my dream NFL touchdown celebration on the goalpost." - Kyle Wagner

Real Baller:

"It's the sneaker squeaks that get me every time." - Tom Ley

Anything Is Possible:

"I wasn't certain I was going to hell until I was bent over double, crying laughing from watching a blind child explode into an empty backfield."- Greg Howard

Volleyball Stanky Leg:

"I am otherwise unfamiliar with the Stanky Leg, which makes me feel old, but that's OK, because this Vine makes me feel young again." - Rob Harvilla


"This is one of the best Vines I have ever made." - Tim Burke

News Anchor Freestyle:

"My man looks like he just stepped off stage impersonating ASAP Rocky, and drops that impromptu verse like he was waiting his whole life for it." - Billy Haisley

Apple Store Lady:

"A perfect Vine." - Tommy Craggs

White People Neighborhoods:

"It's the best and I love it." - Albert Burneko

Chair Doggie:

Barry isn't in today, but I'm picking this one for him because Barry likes doggies.

Triers Then:

"This Vine is better than fucking a steak." - Tim Marchman

Fed Up Doggie:

"This Vine is one second of a terrible, unfunny idea that nobody should have ever filmed, and three seconds of the dog reacting the same way I feel about most Vines. It's perfect." - Kevin Draper

"Terrio" At Popeyes:

"The side-eye look the kid gives..." - Miami Rohan

Up In Here Llama:

"Animals timed to music always get me." - Diana Moskovitz

If you've got a favorite Vine of your own, share it in the comments.