Not Even Hockey Players Gamble On Hockey

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For those of you who don't remember the old Philadelphia Flyers' "Bruise Brothers" of the late '80s, they consisted of Dave Brown and Rick Tocchet. Some might even have called them "enforcers."

Tocchet appears to have taken the moniker to heart. The New Jersey state attorney general has charged Toucchet — now an assistant coach with the Coyotes; he took over as head coach when Wayne Gretzky left the team earlier this year — with promoting gambling, money laundering and conspiracy in accordance with "mob-related activities."

Tocchet, one of the most popular players in Flyers history, is alleged to have helped to finance the gambling ring, which implicated "about a dozen" (unnamed) current NHL players. So far, they haven't uncovered any hockey gambling — just football and baseball — but the investigation is, as they say, ongoing.


And hey, just more than a month until "The Sopranos." We're currently halfway through Season 4 in our quest to rewatch everything and get caught up.

Ex-Flyer Tied To National Gambling Ring [NBC 10]

(UPDATE: Hoo boy: A Philly news station says that Mark Recchi and Janet Jones are also reportedly involved. You might also know Jones as "Wayne Gretzky's wife." This story is about blow up very huge. Do stay tuned.)