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Nothing Says Marital Love Like Arena Football

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One of the best parts of Arena Football, if you ask us, is that players running down the sidelines could, conceivably, get drilled into the stands. It makes us happy when NBA players dive into the expensive seats; adding football players to the mix seems a delicious possibility.

That also means, of course, that fans can get knocked on the field, and that's exactly what happened during a fight at an Orlando Predators game over the weekend. A few fans started pushing one another, and it escalated until a woman was plowed into and deposited onto the field.


We highly suggest you watch the video on the Local 6 site, mainly because of the man who appears to be with the woman. At first she's trying to settle him down, then she's just standing out of the way while he scuffles and then, after she's pushed over the railing, he looks down in concern for a second ... and then resumes his argument, as if to say, "Look what you made me do, asshole! Let's throw!"

Charges Possible In Fight That Knocked Woman Onto Field [Local 6]

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