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Now Brett Lawrie Is Talking Shit About Royals Fans

Oakland A’s third baseman Brett Lawrie has had a couple of days to cool off after spending a portion of his team’s weekend series against the Royals with dodging 100 mph fastballs, but he’s still pretty heated about how everything went down in Kansas City, and he’s got a particular beef with Royals fans.


Here’s what Lawrie had to say when he was asked about the Royals after yesterday’s game against the Angels (via

And the way their fans approached everything, I hated it. The way their fans were antagonizing everything, you know, I got a first-pitch missed curveball up in my head and everyone leaps up in their seat like Bruce Buffer is about to come out. That’s not how we’re doing things.

Shame on their fans for antagonizing everything that went on there, because that had a lot to do with it. Shame on the players and their team that went with it. I’m just glad it’s all over and we’re moving on. We don’t have to see them till June, and we’re just going to continue to go out and continue playing baseball.


Everyone is probably going to have a really chill and great time during that June series between these two teams.


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