A good dad does what Mike Capko of Conshohocken, Penn., did when taking his seats in prime foul-ball territory with his wife and infant son. “We’re right behind home plate here,” Capko told a reporter. “We have to pay attention. No plays off.”

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Happy Mother’s Day, moms. Dads are still better at baseball. Dads! Dads! Dads!

Capko snagged the fourth-inning foul ball off the (pink for Mother’s Day) bat of Daniel Murphy in yesterday’s 7-4 Phillies home loss to the Mets, and he did it with seven-month-old Kolton secured firmly to his chest. That wasn’t even the most impressive part. He caught it with his left hand; he’s a righty. I’d drop 18 babies for the chance to barehand a foul ball with my non-dominant hand.


The catch happened right in front of the owner’s box, and GM Ruben Amaro Jr. took notice.

“I was going to go down there and sign him. I almost did,” Amaro said.

While passersby were still laughing over Amaro’s little “joke,” Amaro inked Capko for seven years and $150 million.