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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

On Browns Call-In Show, Caller Asks Who Has The Biggest Penis; Hosts Break Down Giggling

Browns Red Zone airs Mondays on SportsTime Ohio. The hosts—Jim Donovan, Tony Grossi, and Doug Dieken, break down the previous day's game, and take calls from viewers who want to discuss the Browns. It's basically televised sports radio, and like radio, sometimes prank callers make it through the screening.

Last night, one made it through:

"Between the three of you, does Jim have the biggest cock?"

Forget it. It's over. The hosts spend the rest of the segment gradually breaking down in laughter, as an older gentlemen asks a long, rambling question about the Cleveland defense. Donovan has the worst of the giggles, and when he senses an opening to kick it to Dieken, he does—and Dieken promptly loses control. A hurried commercial break is the only thing that can save the show.


H/T Doug

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