One More Night Of Madness

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Honestly, this playoff basketball is wearing us down. [billwalton]Every night there's another blood feud, with athletes at the peak of their powers spilling their souls in pursuit of the most glorious of all worldly rewards[/billwalton]. We seriously cannot keep up; three more outstanding games tonight. (Well, 2 1/2.)

Our eyes, as usual, drift toward the Lakers-Suns Game 6 at the Staples Center, where Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant's plan to get Raja Bell out of the damned way has finally paid dividends. Kobe's assassin technique has earned him some unlikely admirers, and if he and Jackson's evil plan comes to fruition with a win tonight, well, jeez, we've got that horrifically named "Hallway Series" starting as soon as this weekend.


We suppose the Bulls could knock off the Heat and/or the Pacers could upset the Nets and force a fun Game 7, but, obviously, there's no game we're looking forward to more than Lakers-Suns. We really want another fight — could we get Nash involved? maybe? — and another last second shot, because you can never, ever have too much.

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