One Of Many Things More Entertaining Than The Pro Bowl

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Cowboys lineman Larry Allen went first in the strongest man portion of the Pro Bowl Skills Competition, and proceeded to bench press 225 pounds 43 consecutive times. I can't even fathom that. The closest anyone else came was 35, a mark achieved by LeCharles Bentley of the Saints and angry Steelers lineback Joey Porter. Porter then attempted to stab Larry Allen in the chest for blatantly disrespecting the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Lions D-lineman Shaun Rogers got to 23 reps, laughed at the absurdity of doing 20 more, and quit. Giants DE Osi Umenyiora did 4 reps and quit, which was probably the best strategy of the day.

Up next is the kicking competition, between Shayne Graham and Neil Rackers. They told some strange little story before the competition, too. I wasn't really paying attention, but I think they said they swapped wives or something. They'll resume their competition later in the broadcast.


Also, Suzy Kolber is wearing a cute little pink number, showing off her sunburned shoulders. It's more skin than she usually gets to show on game broadcasts, and you can tell the little minx is enjoying it. This thing is like the 6th most exciting thing I've seen today, but it's actually considerably less lame than the Pro Bowl itself.