Only Losers Are Buzzsaw Fans

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Apropos of absolutely nothing, "Garfield" creator Jim Davis inexplicably, off the cuff, decide to draw a little design on the T-shirt of his main character Jon, the hapless loser constantly being pushed around by his cat. (Thing about this cat, by the way, is that he's got ATTITUDE! But he's also lazy. He's a real character, that cat. Ugh. We've always hated Garfield. For a look at how Garfield was just a marketing plan put into motion, rather than any kind of inspired creation, read this old Slate piece.)

Anyway, Davis — or, more accurately, his team of illustrators and marketing men — decided that the logo they would paint on Jon's T-shirt was ... the logo of The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals. That's right: Jon is such a deadbeat that he roots for the Buzzsaw.


Ha ha, asshead. It's a sad day when you feel insulted by Jim Davis.

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(UPDATE: From a reader: "The guy that created Garfield went to Ball State. My parents went to Ball State, and for some reason I remember that he is a fellow alumnus. I would bet that the cardinal is a tribute to his college mascot, not the NFL team." We can't tell you what a relief this is.)


(SECOND UPDATE: Just to add to this silliness, another reader writes: "I take umbrage with the reader update. The Ball State Cardinals' beak is white. The beak on Jon's shirt is CLEARLY yellow. Surely, a BSU alum wouldn't screw that up, right?)