The Steelers are sort of a wreck—"total panic mode," as one player says. In response, a reported players-only meeting that produced a new rule: no one with less than four years of NFL experience is allowed to play table tennis and billiards at the team's training facility. This will solve everything.

Via City of Champions, the veterans held a meeting yesterday in an attempt to right this listing ship. The thinking apparently goes that an 0-2 team shouldn't be wasting valuable hours doing fun things. Or at least, not the new guys.


Jory Rand of KDKA was at the training facility and tried to track down details on the new rule, but was largely unsuccessful.

The signs didn't last long. Either the rules weren't approved by management, or someone doesn't want attention drawn to them.

Yesterday the Post-Gazette reported that receiver Antonio Brown angrily confronted offensive coordinator Todd Haley on the sidelines during Monday night's loss. I don't know what he's so upset about. He's in his fourth year—he gets to play pool.