P.J. Tucker Ejected For Punching Blake Griffin

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Blake Griffin had a dominant 37-point performance in LA's 112-105 win over the Suns, shooting 14-16 from the field, but midway through the fourth quarter he and P.J. Tucker had themselves a wrestling match in the paint. Griffin and Tucker were a mess of limbs rolling around and it definitely looked like at least one of Tucker's flails connected with Blake Griffin's head.

Griffin and Tucker were battling for rebound position when they both went to the floor. Griffin did that annoying Oh no, I've fallen and can't seem to get up off you, please excuse the entire weight of my body pushing down on you, there's nothing I can do about it thing people sometimes do and Tucker did not enjoy it. He tried to get Griffin of him and wound up catching him in the face. They wrestled some more before the referees and and teammates eventually separated the two.