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Pac Man Jones Does Not Seem Happy

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Nashville police seized about 1,600 pounds of marijuana (damn) and 128 pounds of cocaine in their investigation of a drug trafficking ring. They also seized a bunch of cars, and one of them, a red Caddy with Nevada plates, quite curiously had the Pac-Man logo stitched into the headrests.

The car is registered to someone in Nevada, but it does appear to have some kind of connection to Pac Man Jones. Pac Man says he lent it to a friend who was making a rap video, and after that, he didn't know what happened to it. And police have confirmed that one of the main targets of the investigation, a guy named Darryl Jerome Moore, is an acquaintance of Pac Man's.


Now, none of this means that Pac Man did anything wrong. But you might enjoy, however, the video of Pac Man Jones threatening to "slap the shit out of" a reporter, and threatening to "bust [his] fuckin' head" if he were to come back on his property. Again, to reiterate, Pac Man has not been accused of or charged with any crime. But I think you will enjoy the video.

And a huge thanks to Jerloma of the Sports Frog's always reliable Swamp.

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