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We are long-time fans of the American Basketball Association, with their makeshift rosters, frosty hamlets of Gallup, N.M. and Strong Island Sound, N.Y. and their bravery of allowing Sports Illustrated writers own their own teams. The ABA franchises remind us of a bunch of scrappy kids trying to launch a magazine; they're doomed, but doomed in new and different ways.

Anyway, the league is launching its All-Star game in two weeks, and it's a beauty. First off, it's taking place in that noted tourist hotbed Sunrise, Fla., the weekend of February 9-11. Currently, there are two players on the roster, including former NBAer Tim Hardaway (we're pretty sure there will be room for Dennis Rodman, if he's back from the Big Brother house by then).

Our favorite part of the Web site, however, is the official ABA All-Star Game rap, by artists named "Pat & Rip." We'd say the odds are excellent that they're still waiting on their check.

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