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Pat Neshek Is Pissed At Zack Greinke For Not Signing Autographs For Him

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Pat Neshek, who currently plays for Colorado Rockies, has been a top-notch reliever over the past six years. He’s made two All-Star appearances, including one this season (while with the Phillies). He’s a good pitcher!

Neshek’s also a huge baseball memorabilia collector. He wrote about his card collection (and, incidentally, his love of metalcore music) on his website, and he also is a poster on the message board.


Though his website has since fallen silent, Neshek is still an active poster on the message board, and he recently posted on the site about a run-in with D-Backs pitcher Zack Greinke. Neshek called him an “ahole” and a “turd” and said that Greinke told him “no I will never sign for you.”

In a follow-up post, Neshek tells a story of Livan Hernandez literally cutting up Randy Johnson’s jersey after Johnson wouldn’t sign for him:


Major leaguers trading around their own autographs is common, though Neshek seems to be an outlier in terms of his memorabilia devotion. He had a pretty good line when the forum drama picked up attention:


If you want to be really nice, send him a Zack Greinke autograph.

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