NBA Nominates Paul George For Best Selfie (No, Not For Alleged Dick Pic)

The NBA has inexplicably nominated Paul George for best selfie as part of its "Social Media Awards," but not for the whole Catfishing-and-possible-dick-pic dustup. That's a pretty cute picture they've selected but, as you can read below, Paul George and "selfie" call to mind something very far away from "cute."

h/t @rynprry


Paul George Apparently Catfished, May Have Sent A Dick Pic

Goddamnit, Paul George. Why can't you just be awesome at dunking basketballs and not send semi-nude and possibly even dick pics to randos online?

George apparently fell victim to a dude who has gotten fairly proficient at getting famous guys to send him pictures of their dicks. Obviously, it's impossible to tell if the alleged Paul George dick is actually Paul George's dick, but the other pics sure look like George. So, if you'd to see what may or may not be Paul George's dick, it's right here.

After you've clicked that, head back over here and remember the good times.