Peruvian Finishes 30 Minutes Behind Winner, Who Meets Him At Finish

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Your feel-good Olympic story of the day features Roberto Carcelen, cross country skier and Peru's first-ever Winter Olympian. Carcelen broke a rib in training but elected to compete in today's 15K Classic anyway; he struggled through the course and finished dead last.

Not only dead last, but with a time nearly twice that of gold medal-winning Swiss skier Dario Cologna. Carcelen had the course to himself for more than ten minutes, in fact, in a race that took less than 40 to complete for the top skiers. So Roberto grabbed a Peruvian flag for the final stretch and hammed it up, because why not? The fans were celebrating his perseverance, but it's once he crossed the finish line that things became upworthy. You won't believe what happened next: Cologna was waiting to embrace Carcelen.

Almost 30 minutes after striking gold at the Olympics for the third time, he was willing to stick around for a hapless South American just so he could congratulate him for finishing. That's neat!