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Pete Morelli Rocks! Wait. That's Not Right

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By now you've probably heard that NFL referee Pete Morelli had a rock hurled through a plate glass window at the front of his home on Monday night, a day after his infamous interception reversal gaffe in the Pittsburgh-Indianapolis game. Morelli, who lives in Stockton, Calif., was awakened around 10 p.m. by the sound of broken glass and then heard a car speed away from the front of the house.

The most interesting aspect of the story to us was the police statement, which included this: "There was no way to determine if this had anything to do with his NFL job. ... There was no note on the rock." Yes, nice work, you can put away the notepad now, Inspector. This explains why there haven't been any crimes solved in Stockton since the final season of The Big Valley.

Anyway, since the rock actually hit the window on the first throw, here are some people we can rule out:

• Eric Milton.

Rob Bell.
• Joey Harrington.
• Our paperboy.
John Kerry.

Morelli, by the way, is the principal at St. Mary's High School in Stockton. In an excerpt from the Principal's Message we found
on the school Web site written just before Christmas, we learn: "When I make moral choices, the arsenal of tools provided in Scripture and Church teaching has guided me." It is unclear as to whether that arsenal includes a replay camera.


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